Augmented Reality – The Future of Retail

Augmented Reality

So “What the @#$! is Augmented Reality?!?” Oh, it’s nothing big... just the future of consumer retail experience! Imagine talking 3D animated package fronts, instant coupons, product pairing, product demos, interactive gaming, social media and more – all right there on the store shelf in real time and contained in a simple mobile app. To quote Neo from The Matrix, “Whoa.”

Sound intriguing? Or maybe intrusive? It’s probably both. But one thing is for sure, it’s already here. Early adopters are now on shelf, poised to take this exciting new technology in very different directions. Don’t be left behind! Click the link for an animated video presentation. Then contact the Brand Chefs at Mighty Fudge Studios for a super cool, in-person demonstration of the Future of Retail!

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